We are called by God to love, serve and share with people in our community and around the world. Our prayer is that we reach the unchurched by providing teachers, servants and resources. Our goal is to spread the new life our Lord Jesus Christ has given us through his death on the cross.

Be on the lookout for upcoming mission trips to our community and world. Click Here -to see a video of one of our many missions trips.: Our Community. 

For more information on Missions opportunities at New LIfe please email: Pastor Michael

New Life Community Church is blessed to be involved by supporting the following missionaries:

  • Dave & Rennie Garda

    Cadre Ministries

    cadre: [pronounced 'kah-dray'] we're a community of aspiring Jesus-like disciplemakers—like you—multiplying a simple way of life together by loving God, loving people and making disciple makers.

  • Mike & Shareen Bradley

    Zambia -"We feel like New Life is our adopted church home. Thank you for having us and Thank you for your giving."

  • Ryan Kaminski

    See a video of the school Ryan started. We pray for him and his ministry especially as he plans to be married in 2015! Check out this recent article on Ryan. So blessed to support Ryan and the vision God has given him.

    In 2008, after his first year at Grand Valley State University, Ryan Kaminski traveled to Africa to spend his summer teaching at several different primary schools in Uganda. Upon his return to the states he could not stop thinking about a young boy he met named Kayango. This young boy became representative of the struggle of many children in Uganda. Ryan was compelled to return once again with a dream to start a school for orphaned and vulnerable children.

  • Gospel Trick Shots

    Steve Lillis

    Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. (GTS) started on January 20, 1996.

    A GTS Show is the creative use of amazing billiard/pool trick shots called gospel trick shots. It was first designed to entertain and encourage young people at local churches. In 1998 GTS began to minister at colleges working with campus ministries. In 2000 GTS started working in the billiard industry at both pro and amateur events. In 2001 GTS went international working with billiard federations and international mission teams.

    Now GTS continues to work in all venues having pool tables to encourage people to consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Sincerely, Steve Lillis