Each week we come to give what talents we have and rock it out for God! As we learn that worship is more than just music, we do our best to incorporate all the arts and live for Jesus every day. As far as a particular style of music, we're not locked in to one type. Whether it's a hymn or something you might hear on the radio, our goal is to help people encounter and experience a living God that deserves our best in worship.

Email Kim Hewitt, our Worship Director, for more information.

Click Here to hear some sound bytes of our 2012 Christmas Eve Service.


We use a variety of people for our vocal teams. If you find yourself singing in the shower or to the radio in the car, you might just have what it takes to be a part of our team! A short interview and audition is required to serve on this team. If interested please email our worship director! 


Did you grow up banging on pots and pans? Do you play the spoons at dinner time? Do you have the best air guitar? If you're interested in playing, a short audtion and interview is required. NOTE: Our amps do go up to 11 and we request that no "Stairway" be played for audition! Haha!:-)

Tech Arts

Our tech arts includes audio, video, 

lighting, cool set designs and more.

If you're interested in doing cool stuff, 

please email Calvin Post

Click on the link to see what we did with a little bubble wrap!