Impact of Your Faith Promise

What is a Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is our opportunity to support kingdom building initiatives at a deeper level. This is not a gift made to the general church budget, but is an offering that supports our local and global missions.

Faith Promise demonstrates our heart for church planting, missionaries, and special community initiatives. This gift is a promise made to God where we are challenging you to stretch your faith by asking God what He will enabled you to give each week for missions during the coming year.

The basis of this promise is a trust relationship between you and God. If for any reason you cannot fulfill your Faith Promise, the reason should be explained to God. As you stretch your faith for deeper service, make your promise not on the basis of what you have to give, but on what you believe God will enable you to give.


My 2023 Faith Promise

In dependence upon God, I will endeavor to give toward the worldwide mission program of Rising Hope ministries the amount below.

This is a Faith Promise, a covenant between me and God. It is my voluntary offering for the evangelization of the world.

Your 2023 Gift

Please enter your 2023 gift amount below, how often (frequency) you plan to make your gift, and the total annual amount for 2023.

For example:
  • Amount: $100
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Annual Total of: $1,200

Designate Where Your Gift Goes

You can either let the church best decide how to use your gift, or you can specific the amounts of your gift to each of the four ministry areas

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