How can I get connected?

Greetings! If you found this page then CONGRATULATIONS! Hopefully, this means you're interested in getting more connected! Here's a few practical steps to help you on your journey at Rising Hope. Before you learn what the steps are, you should know that we believe that MINISTRY & DISCIPLESHIP is about RELATIONSHIPS! This is the way Jesus did ministry and this is our approach at Rising Hope.


1. Do your best to be at church or if you can't make it, please connect with us online every Sunday at 10:30am. It's important to know that Sunday is NOT just the once a week arrival place, it's the place where we get our rocket fuel and encouragement to launch into the rest of the week for life and ministry!

2. Bible Reading & Prayer. As Muncie's newest church, we are so excited by what's happening here. Literally every day a majority of our church is reading God's Word together. Now while this might sound intriguing, the coolest thing is that many people have never done this before and are new to the church. The reading is AWESOME and the discussion through the YouVersion bible app is a blessing. 

Use the link below to download the free Bible app and ask us for the current reading plan.

(NOTE: If you need help, please email us and we'll be glad to help you)

3. Join a GROW GROUP!. . 

At Rising Hope, we are disciples who make disciples. GROW groups are a place to do life together. Many of our groups are mixed, Men, & Women's groups.  are gender specific groups of 2-5 people that meet weekly for 60-90 minutes to focus on spiritual growth through Bible reading, accountability, and prayer for the lost. The only items necessary to participate in a D-Group are a Bible, a journal, and a pen. If you would like to grow spiritually with group discipleship, please email Pastor Michael Hewitt at

4. Connect with a  GROW GROUP of people over a shared topic of interest.

RH Small Groups usually meet to gather over a specific length of time over a shared topic of interest. Topics include, children and parenting, marriage, finances, etc. The make up of our GROW groups is a variety (Men's / Women's study and mixed)

5. Discipleship Field Trips! Yes, we are going on tour. On Sunday's after church this group of young adults and college students meet in the homes or at the community center for Life on Life discipleship with an intergenerational focus. This unique opportunity provides a learning environment from elders in the church to speak wisdom and lessons learned through a lifetime of serving Jesus and being involved in the church. D-Tour happens during the school year. Check with Pastor Mike for next location & timing.