Join the Launch Team!

Starting a brand new church is perhaps one of the most exciting things you can do in your relationship with God. And the cool thing is this. We need everybody! This even includes 94 year old Clara in the picture to the right! It doesn't matter if you're new to church or if you've been in church your whole life. The main purpose of the Launch Team is 3-fold:

1. Meet some new friends that all want to make a difference for Christ in this community. And to be a part of the newest church in Muncie!

2. If you're handy in any way we're getting ready to take an old church building and update it for exciting new ministry. This is where we get to do some demolition, be creative and put some of our skills to work. For the big stuff, we'll let the Pro's handle it!

3. Being a part of something new is exciting! The truth is this, we're not joining a church. What we're doing is getting involved a movement where God is at work! Lives are being changed and hope is rising!

Question: So, if I join the Launch Team what does this look like?

Answer: To help launch Muncie's newest church it means that we NEED you! Why? It's because you have gifts and we believe God wants you to use them!:-) 

*Be a part of Sunday Launch Team Gatherings at 10:30am. Come hungry because we usually eat!

*Take part in our Serving the Community Launch Parties.

*Help with the buildout of our church. This is a great family serving opportunity.

*Sunday Desserts & Game Nights. This is a great way to have some fun, invite some people and come away with a great memory & see how God is working!

Email us for more details!