Young Adults and College Students! Everything from time management, money, relationships, decisions, studying, classes, God, friends, engagements, and everything else is on a whole new level. Some call this the fun world of "ADULTING!" At Rising Hope, we want you to know that we are more than willing to be your "home away from home." A place where you can be family! We hope to meet you soon. Feel free to bring a friend or make a new one here!:-)

Special Sauce. What's the special sauce?

Every student is entitled to at least one free home cooked meal from Pastor Mike and his wife Kim. Any time Kim cooks, it's special. God is moving and we'd love to not just get to know you, but also do a little life together. 

Blessings, Pastor Mike & Kim

Things to look forward to:

We have a great discipleship group meeting and connection with Awaken. Here's your chance to really grow in your faith during the week and then come to church service on Sunday. 

Discipleship & Services

Time: 8:30pm

Where: Rising Hope Church in Celebration Center

Services (worship nights): Occur Monthly. Check social media for dates and locations.

Schedule & More Information:

Awaken Worship Collective

One of the cool things that's happening is the life change that is happening! Check out this awesome video where life change went public at a baptism service!

Make a Difference! Ask Pastor Mike about the various serving projects and ministry volunteer opportunities to do that make you go away saying to yourself, "I made a difference today. Thanks God!"

Connect with Pastor Michael for more information.