Here's your opportunity to bring Groovy back!

Feel free to choose your own word, but we think these shirts are GROOVY! We're pretty excited about this and think you will be too. We've selected a quality t-shirt that you will feel good about wearing. 

Shirts come with the following guarantees:

*If you're single, you will get a date for Friday night.

*If you're married and have kids, all the kids will do their chores & be nice to one another.

*You will not smell.

*If you exercise it helps you reach your goals 2x as fast.

*Complete strangers will look at you and say, "Wow, you look good!"

(Disclaimer: Okay, our shirts may not do all of that, but what it will do is let people know you're a part of a church that you're excited about. By wearing your Rising Hope shirt, you will also get service! You've seen the signs..."No shoes, no shirt, no service!"  Now, you've got the shirt. We just hope ya have the shoes! Lol. 

Please click on the following link to order your very first Rising Hope T-Shirt & get Groovy today!

Link Coming Soon!